The mission of the BattleBetty Foundation is to empower women veterans. Our goal at BattleBetty is to provide transitional housing for women veterans experiencing homelessness, community wellness initiatives open to all women service members, and case management of supportive services for all women veterans in need.

The BattleBetty Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in August 2018 as a step toward a solution concerning the rising crisis affecting women veterans who are currently homeless and those near-to-homeless. The major disparity is seen in the increasing number of women veterans but a static and lacking resource availability of suitable gender-focused assistance, especially for women veterans with children or those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

The BattleBetty Foundation is dedicated to providing support so that women veterans know in the fight against homelessness they do not have to battle alone.